Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

FMEA is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that will help you identify potential weak points in the
design of products or processes. The principle of FMEA is to consider each mode of failure of
every component of a system and to estimate the effects on system operation of each failure
mode in turn. FMEA is probably the most widely used and most effective reliability analysis
The primary focus of FMEA is identifying safety or reliability critical failure modes and effects.
The use of FMEA will allow you to document, analyze, and strategically plan corrective action
programs to improve the product or process performance. FMEA provides a simple way to
estimate the risks of failure associated with each component of a system. FMEA provides a
method to prioritize the activities directed toward corrective action
The proactive approach of FMEA, which is applicable to many industries, can help you:
 Reduce the number of product failures customers’ experience.
 It allows you to avoid costs and shorten lead times for product introductions and
process start-ups, with fewer engineering changes required
 Learn how to prepare and utilize FMEA to improve reliability, safety, testability, and
No pre-requisites are necessary for course participation, although previous exposure to basic
FMEA concepts is helpful. Learning is enhanced if employees from natural work-teams attend
the course together
Who Should Attend
Engineers and managers of all disciplines will find this course extremely useful to their work.
2 days

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